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La Vida es Hermosa Kit

La Vida es Hermosa Kit

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Life is Beautiful!

Tepezcohuite is called in Mexico "Tree of Life", hence its name.

Vida is a cream serum whose active ingredient is the bark of Tepezcohuite.

* Drastically reduces the appearance of acne.
* It works by helping to gradually remove the scars.
* It can also reduce the color of the stretch marks with a constant treatment.
* Will reduce inflammation of bruises, edema and inflammation of various types. Applied on the reddish 
  or purple coloration of a hematoma reduces the days that it is visible. Improves the circulation of 
  the area with capillaries and small broken blood vessels.
* Anti-dandruff and used in lotions for seborrheic dermatitis. Just use Cream Serum with a gentle 
  massage or use soap as shampoo bar. 
* Reduces skin blemishes and sunburn.

Life is Beautiful Kit
1 Life Creamy Cleanser Scrub (4oz)
1 Life Cream Serum (1.7oz)
1 Soap of Tepezcohuite

Life is beautiful kit

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